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  • Mesquite Convention Center
  • 1700 Rodeo Dr., Mesquite, TX, 75149 US

Consignor/Seller - Ticket/Fee- Spring 2024- Dallas

This Ticket (QR Code) will be scanned and used for your drop off pass & ALL shopping Passes.
You must drop off your items and be a Seller at the sale in order for the shopping passes to be valid. You must have this pass (QR code) in order to come to the presale to shop.

This shopping pass is good for 2 adults Thur. 1pm-9pm, Fri. 9am-7pm, Sat. 9am-2pm and the 1/2 off sale Sun 10am-5pm (Sunday time is valid for 3 adults).

Total: $0.00

  • I will not be bringing more than 500 items (tags) to the sale.

  • I will be bringing 500 (or more) items (tags) to the sale.

  • I Understand, I MUST be checked in by 9pm and exit the building by 10pm.

  • I Understand, I MUST be checked in by 8pm and Exit the building by 9pm. Check in will close at 8pm.

  • I am using the valet service and my items will be dropped off by my valet tagger.

Consignor/Seller Agreement (You're almost done, just a few guidlines.)

I Understand (if dropping off on Tues. (STAR Consignors ONLY on that day) I MUST be checked in by 9pm and exit the building by 10pm.
I Understand (if dropping off Wed.) I MUST be checked in by 8pm and Exit the building by 9pm.

I understand Consignor/Seller Fees are Non-refundable & Non-transferrable** We must know a close number count of sellers to enable us to prepare for the sale.

I understand that if I bring 500 + tags to the sale, that are not marked donate, I am a high-volume seller. A $25 fee will be assessed by all high-volume sellers to help cover the labor cost associated with sorting items. This fee can be waived by completing 2 hours at breakdown (that do not count towards "team member" hours.)

I understand that I will earn 60% of my sold items actually received by JBF Dallas/Mesquite for the items I offer for sale, less a prepaid Seller Fee for participation in the JBF Dallas/Mesquite Sale. I understand that I am eligible to earn 70% of my sold items, less a prepaid Seller Fee, if I sign up to be a team member & help out a minimum of 5 hours at the sale. I understand I will receive my payment, to my JBF email address and if I should need my check reissued, I will assessed a $25 reissue fee, taken out of my check.

I understand and Agree that JBF Dallas is not responsible for a fire, loss, theft or damage to my sale items. Full effort will be made by all parties to prevent these happenings. I agree that as a condition of selling items in a JBF Sale, I represent and warrant the following to be true. I am the owner of all the items to be sold, and I have full authority to sell the items offered by me for sale. Each gently used item offered for sale by me is in good operating condition, reasonable wear and tear expected, and is not defective, broken or damaged. No item has been recalled, or is the subject of any pending or threatened recall/repair notice or other consumer protection enforcement action. All items, if needed, are coming with working batteries. I understand that I may incur additional fees if any battery-operated items I am consigning require a battery replacement ($1 per battery) during the event in order to show that the item is in working order.

I have read the What We Accept guide to ensure my items are season appropriate. I have checked my items for stains, broken, or missing pieces. I have replaced batteries (if needed). Clothing items will be inspected but if something is missed and pulled from the floor it will be scanned and count as items against the STAR Consignor Program.

I understand that a “STAR” (printed on JBF tags with red or black ink) means that the item will remain FULL PRICE throughout the sale. Tags with no star means the item will be sold at 50% off on Sunday (and Saturday after public sale day has closed; during the half price presale).
Items ring up for and sell for the amount PRINTED on the tag, when the tag was created in the tagging account.
Alterations to the tags (lowering/increasing price or adding/removing a star) WILL NOT be accepted any time during the sale. The tag holds the information that was entered in the tagging site when making the tag, the register scans that information.

I understand that Seller Pick Up (of unsold items you choose not to donate) is Monday, March 11th from 3pm to 6pm. Doors will remain locked until 3pm. I understand that any items not picked up by 6:01pm will be donated to the JBF Charity Partner. If we are able to open pick up early, a text and a post in the FB Dallas Consignor group will be sent out.

Team Members- earn an extra 10% and shop even earlier. If I am helping during the sale, I will arrive 10 minutes early for my shift so that I can park my car and be ready to work my full shift. If I am unable to fulfill my full team member commitment, I will find a replacement and call/text Christy at 972-342-1606. I will check in and out for every shift in writing at the Team Member Table. I am helping for the sole purpose of assisting with operations of the event for my own advantage in gaining entrance to Presales and receiving a higher percentage of my consignor sales. I am helping in an ethical manner and agree that I am not attempting to learn the business practices of JBF, operations techniques, or any other business matters that may or may not be trademarked, registered or proprietary in any way.

I understand that by appearing in a public venue as a shopper, consignor or Team Member, JBF has my permission to use my image in any JBF publicity avenue they choose, and I agree that no royalty or other payment is due to me because of the use of any such image. By registering for a ticket I agree to ALL of JBF Dallas' policies and procedures.

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  • American Express
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